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Modern day Interviews

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

These days, interviews aren’t just one and done. Here are some new methods companies are trying out.

Say goodbye to stuffy boardrooms and executives staring you down across conference tables; interviews are changing to meet a new pattern in technology, applicant personality, and company structure. They are becoming longer and more involved than they used to be. Executives have learned that hiring the wrong people can be extremely costly and by customizing the interview process, they can select better candidates.

Confidence is the Key here!!

“The purpose of the job interview hasn’t changed. It’s to find the best candidate for the job.”

There are many hurdles and challenges that job seekers face throughout the job application and interview process. From before you even submit your application, higher expectations of job candidates has become the norm. Read on to find out what to expect before you even secure an interview and what you can do to get ahead of the competition.

Multiple interview rounds

Hiring managers and executives learned the hard way that one interview isn't enough. They want to get to know the candidates and putting them through a series of interview rounds can help with that. Some companies even have you interview with higher profile management as you progress through the hiring process. The first interview – assuming they didn't have a phone or video call pre-screening – will determine whether you are a good fit for the company. Questions will be mostly basic to determine your experience, skill level, and education. The next series of interviews will include more senior executives. They will focus on the specifics of previous accomplishments. This is where “the color of your tie” comes into play.

Video screenings

Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.”

Hiring managers use phone interviews to weed out unlikely candidates early in the selection process. This is similar to an ATS screening out candidates' resumes. They only have spots for, let's say, 10 candidates and want to interview the best potential employees. But phone interviews don't tell them all they need to understand about applicants. Video interviews are now replacing phone interviews in the early stages of the process. Video interviews let hiring managers screen more candidates in less time and give a bird's eye view of the person before bringing them in for a formal interview. A video screening can seem intimidating, but we've got some video interview tips to make it a breeze.

Interview takeaways

Whether your dream job follows the standard interview practice or gives you a ten-page essay to write, the most important factor is to learn from everything you do. Think of each interview and stage as a training session. Yes, you're trying to get the job of your dreams. But don't forget to take away information for future scenarios. At the end of every interview set down and ask yourself three questions:

  1. Did I follow my script and outline?

  2. What mistakes did I make?

  3. What could I have done better?

Take notes and learn from this. Whether you get the job or not, every interview counts as a stepping stone in the right direction.

A Final Word On The Modern Interview

The job seeking process can be overwhelming, and with employers continually integrating new business and technological innovations into the interview process it can be hard for job seekers to know what to expect.

However, one thing remains constant. Employers are looking to hire the best candidate for the job, and Veritas Recruitment can help make you that candidate by connecting you with the right job for you.

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